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Individual therapy

is a process through which clients work one on one with an experienced psychotherapist…

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Family therapy

is a form of therapy where a psychotherapist works with a family…

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Couples therapy

is a form of therapy where a psychotherapist works with a family…

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Play therapy

is a form of therapy where an experienced psychotherapist works with children…

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Immigration Evaluations

We conduct hardship, psychosocial, and mental health evaluations…

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Medication Management

Studies show that the best outcomes in addressing mental health disorders…

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Psychotherapy Sessions

Clients' Goals Achieved

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Rates and Insurance

At IBC, we currently accept Medicaid (Husky), Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, United Health Care and Cigna. Would you please consult with your insurance plan to find out whether mental health benefits are covered?

When placing an inquiry with us about services please, have the following information ready:

terapias profesionales

Insurance Company

Member ID#

Group ID#

Co-Pay and Deductible

Insurance Phone Company

Our current psychotherapy rates for uninsured clients are $80 per 50 minutes session.

Our current rates for medication management are $250 for an evaluation and $180 for follow-up visits. We are also accepting Medicaid (Husky).

Additionally, we accept clients who have been victims of crimes and who may qualify for (Office of Victim Services) OVS services.


Minimum rates are applicable depending upon clients' financial situation.
All major credit cards are accepted.

Meet Our Team

Our Licensed Psychotherapists

José Villafuerte, LCSW

José Villafuerte, LCSW

Executive Director

I specialize in helping couples who deal with…

Mayra Aguirre, LCSW

Mayra Aguirre, LCSW

Clinical Director

I specialize in working with children, families and women who…

Marisol Orth, APRN

Marisol Orth, APRN

Associate Prescriber

I provide medication management to clients with…

Roberto Castellón, LCSW

Roberto Castellón, LCSW


I specialize in working with children, families and adults…

Cecilia Segura, LCSW

Cecilia Segura, LCSW


I am Cecilia Catherine, a bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker...

María Cisneros, LCSW

María Cisneros, LCSW


Maria Cisneros, LCSW, is a bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker...

Astrid Thompson, BS

Astrid Thompson, BS

Virtual Manager

Astrid Thompson is the owner and director of VBBM...

The methods we use are highly effective.

Here are some reviews from our clients!

google reviews

This is the best place to go to when you need help. When you walk at the door, they are very welcoming. They listen to your needs, make sure they go with your schedule. I recommended 100%!

google reviews

One of the best!!! I recommend it 100% Thank you very much for your support. ~AP

google reviews

I had a wonderful experience with Mayra, she gave me the confidence to be able to talk with her and receive her help, really very sweet and very professional, I highly recommend this clinic ~CS

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for psychotherapy sessions?

You can pay for psychotherapy sessions using your medical insurance. We accept Medicaid (Husky), Anthem BCBS, United Health Care and Cigna. We also accept payments out of pocket and offer a sliding fee scale for those facing financial hardship. Click here for a full description of our rates and fees.

Do you offer in person and telehealth sessions?

Yes, we do offer both modalities, in person at our office suites and telehealth.

What can I expect in my first session?

You can expect to meet one of our top licensed psychotherapists whose been matched based on their level of expertise in the area of your concern. The assigned therapist will conduct a complete evaluation to determine your strengths, issues, goals, and objectives.

How long does therapy take?

Therapy is tailored based on the needs of each individual. But short-term treatment ranges from 4 and up to 8 sessions, during long-term treatment ranges from 12 and up to 24 sessions or even longer.

Will you prescribe medication?

As part of the assessment process, all our clients, ages 16 and up, insured under Medicaid (Husky) and self-pay, undergo an evaluation with our Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) who will make recommendations for medications if necessary and collaborate with you. 

Do you provide medication management only?

Yes we do. Please follow this link to learn more about the conditions we treat and our policies.

Do you conduct disability evaluations such as short-term disability, FMLA, SSI, etc.?

No we don't. 

Do you conduct forensic evaluations for legal purposes?

No we don't. 

Records requests:

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), IBC charges reasonable cost-based fees in advance for providing medical records to clients (45 CFR 164.524(c)).

  • A fee of $30 for administrative costs.
  • Fees for copying documents:
  • $1 per page for the first 20 pages
  • $0.90 per page for pages 21 through 100
  • $0.80 for each page copied over 100 pages

Treatment summary and letters:

If you ever need a treatment summary or a letter for any litigation purposes, please know that IBC therapists can and will only lay out the facts, which can be detrimental to the therapeutic relationship, given that the summary or letter might not necessarily be in your favor. Nonetheless, if requested, IBC will charge a flat fee of $180, payable in advance.

Court related matters:

As stated above, IBC highly discourages clients from having their therapists subpoenaed because the records will only lay out the facts, which might not necessarily be in your favor. If one of our therapists is subpoenaed to testify or provide records involving a minor, the therapeutic relationship is effectively ended, and IBC will not continue providing services to that family. 

If a client fails to consider IBC’s recommendations, the following fees are in effect: 

  • Preparation time (including submission of records): $180 per hour (billable in 15-minute increments). 

  • Phone calls: $180 per hour (billable in 15-minute increments). 

  • Depositions: $180 per hour (billable in 15-minute increments).

  • Time required in Giving Testimony: $180 per hour (billable in 15-minute increments). 

  • Mileage: 0.56 per mile

  • Time away from office due to depositions or testimony: $180 per hour (billable in 15-minute increments).

  • All attorney fees and costs incurred by IBC therapists as a result of the legal action. 

  • Filing a document with the court: $120. 

  • The minimum charge for a court appearance is $1200.

  • IBC requires a retainer of $1200 due 72 hours in advance.  

If a subpoena or notice to meet an attorney is not received within 72 hours, IBC will charge an additional $250. If the case is reset with less than 72 business hours' notice, then IBC reserves the right to charge the client $400 in addition to the retainer. 

Also, IBC reserves the right to double the above fees if the therapist has scheduled plans to be out of town.    

Do you conduct ADHD evaluations?

Neither we conduct ADHD evaluation nor we provide treatment. 

How soon will I see a therapist?

Once you contact us and determine that you are eligible for our services, one of our top licensed psychotherapists will be assigned to you and contact you in less than 24 hours.

What psychotherapy interventions do you offer?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): is a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving. Its goal is to change patterns of thinking or behavior behind people's difficulties and change the way they feel.

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT): previously called rational therapy and rational emotive therapy, is a comprehensive, active, directive, philosophically and empirically based psychotherapy which focuses on resolving emotional and behavioral problems and disturbances enabling people to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT): is an evidence-based treatment for children & adolescents impacted by trauma & their caregivers. Research shows that TF-CBT successfully resolves a broad array of emotional and behavioral difficulties associated with single, multiple and complex Trauma experiences.

The Gottman Method is an evidence-based approach developed over 40 years of research by Dr. John and Julie Gottman. This method aims to help couples resolve conflict through verbal communication, increase connection, and remove barriers that create a sense of stagnancy.  

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT): is an empirically based approach, based on methods designed to help people accept, express, regulate, make sense of and transform emotion. 

Attachment, Regulation and Competency (ARC): is a framework for intervention with youth and families who have experienced multiple and/or prolonged traumatic stress. ARC identifies three core domains that are frequently impacted among traumatized youth, and which are relevant to future resiliency. Designed to be applied flexibly across child- and family-serving systems, ARC provides a theoretical framework, core principles of intervention, and a guiding structure for providers. ARC is designed for youth from early childhood to adolescence and their caregivers or caregiving systems.

 Mindfulness is a  mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Motivational interviewing is a psychotherapeutic approach that attempts to move an individual away from a state of indecision or uncertainty and towards finding motivation to making positive decisions and accomplishing established goals.

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